New York, Oct 15th 2013


Last night I went for dinner with some friends.

I got into a taxi and the driver was a man in his 70s, with a long white beard. He greeted me very kindly.

Where are we going?” he asked.

I told him the address and he started driving.

After a few seconds he asked “Is it a club the place you are going?”

“Uhmm no, it’s a restaurant. But I believe they have a downstairs where they play music too.”

“Oh interesting. Is it live music?” he asked me.

Usually taxi drivers in New York are not that talkative. I am used to speaking with taxi drivers all the time in Italy, but here in New York they don’t talk to you (or speak much English) , so I was quite surprised that he was conversing with me so enthusiastically.

“I’m afraid I don’t know… I just moved here

“Oh good for you! Let me tell you something about this city. It’s a city that keeps on changing. Places appear and disappear ” he said “ I’ve been a taxi driver for so long, I know these streets so well. I remember there used to be a very famous club where I am taking you to. There would always be a huge line to get in and from the outside you could see people dancing on the tables. I used to take people there all the time, it was a very famous club..."

He stopped for a second "...but I don't remember the name of the place. I am getting old, and this was before you were even born." 

“Oh” I didn’t know what to say.

This city is amazing” he added.

We arrived at the restaurant. “Here we are. Have a great night” he said.

I said bye and got out of the taxi, surprised but happy about a random conversation with an unexpected New York lover.