I love hotels.

I am a gypsy at heart and since I was very little, hotels were a huge fascination for me.

From the rooms to the guests that come through, the maids and the concierge, hotels have a life of their own that is made of charm and mystery. Whether it's a 5 star plaza or a bead and breakfast, people come and go leaving behind moments and pieces of themselves. That’s what makes them so interesting to me.

I would like to tell you about one hotel in New York that stole my heart: The Jane Hotel.

The Jane Hotel is a nice little hotel in the west village, located on 113 Jane Street. It’s an old building that opened in 1908 and was originally called “The American Seamen’s Friend Society Sailor’s Home”.

The old name says it all: as soon as you walk into the hotel, you feel the vintage atmosphere. It’s like being in a movie, where the Jane Hotel is the starting point of a very adventurous journey. The story of the hotel just adds charm to the location. In fact, the survivors of the Titanic stayed at the Hotel in 1912.

I often have feelings about places: I can tell whether good energy runs into the walls of a house and I feel unconfortable in some places where something bad happened. I don’t mean to say that I am a psychic because I am not, but I believe that each place has an energy of its own, given by the experiences and the actions that took place in that certain location.

Well, the Jane Hotel has an amazing energy, made of history, secrets, travels and exotic places.

The Jane Hotel is like a haunted ship: I am sure that spirits of old sailors are still walking  down the hotel’s hallways, protecting the guests from bad luck and whispering old secrets in their ears.

The Jane Hotel can be as relaxing as it can be exciting.

For example, one of my favorite things to do here is to have brunch at Cafè Gitane. I will say just two words about this moroccan inspired restaurant: avocado toast. The crunchy seven grain toast, the creamy avocado and the red pepper sprinkled on top make this toast a real foodgasm (and a really healthy one too). Head here for brunch after a late night out and you’ll feel regenerated.

Oh, and talking about late nights… The Jane Hotel ballroom is the perfect place to have drinks (my favorite is called Orient Express ) and dance to some good music. The ballroom is decorated with taxidermy, large sofas, and two big disco balls, which once belonged to Studio 54.

I am in love with this hotel!