New York, Nov 13th

I’m back in the studio!

I’ve been working on some new music, together with a very talented producer and artist, Hansdale aka Gengis Hans.

You can check out his music here:

He just released his latest EP “Reptilian Regions”: it’s a super nice indie electric pop EP, with an "out of this world" feel, bouncy drums and great bass riffs.

Hans also works as a sound engineer at Serious Business Records (, an indie music label and recording studio based in Soho.

Serious Business Studio is a nice little studio: pictures of rock’n’roll gods (Elvis in particular) are hanging on the walls, a huge collection of vinyl LPs can be found in the control room and the vocal booth is small and red. Hans and I spent quite some time lately at the Serious Business Studio, producing some of the songs that I’ve written in the past year.

I am very happy about how the tracks are coming out!

I love being in the studio and it’s always beautiful to see your song transform from a demo to a finished track.

When I write a song, I usually write it alone in my room: as the song takes form I envision how it’s going to  sound like when it’s finished, mixed and mastered, and I always associate images and stories to the song – you could say I imagine the music video, but it’s more like visual suggestions that the music gives me. The writing process can take from 15 minutes to a few days: the basic chords and the melody usually come first and after that the production process begins…to create an early demo.

I then take the song in its demo version to the studio. 

I like to confront myself and change the way the song sounds, and I always ask if what I wrote could mean something also to somebody else other than me. 

And that's what I am doing now: experimenting, having fun, singing, recording. I hope I'll be able to share these songs super soon !