Milan, Sep 13th 2013


 My story is probably a story which a million other people can relate to. It’s a story about dreams, struggles, travels and music.

Music has always been my passion: since a very young age I was naturally attracted by music cassettes (yes, I’m a 90s kid), CDs, instruments and microphones.

Growing up, I went to music school, I took singing lessons, and by the time I was 15 I started hanging at recording studios and writing music. That’s when I realized that making music and performing was what I loved the most. To me, the recording studio was a special place where magic happened: a place of creation and creativity, where sounds and melodies were created.

Like every music artist, my dream was to become famous and successful, and to share my music to the world. 

Two and a half years ago, I met a manager of an italian indie music label. We talked about my music and he seemed interested, so the day after we met in a studio in Milan and I made him listen to some of my demos. A few days later, he told me he wanted to produce my album with his music label.  

I remember that day so clearly: finally somebody believed in me! The plan was big, challenging and exciting: produce an international pop music project with international producers. We didn't aim at making it big just in Italy, we wanted to export good pop music everywhere. I was so happy.

It was a wonderful journey: I was living betweeen London, Milan, Turin and Manchester and was workin with some amazing people. David Laudat, former member of The Bucketheads ( and vocal coach of the Spice Girls, Joe Cross, producer of Hurts and The Sound of Arrows ( ), Nicklas Flyckt, mixer of Robyn and Britney Spears, Jacopo Jenna and Senio Zapruder ( ) , amazing video directors … 

worked hard and invested all of my time, energy in the project.  Oh, and money, too. 

It seemed like everything was going in the right way and that success was just around the corner.

The first single was ready. Mixed and mastered. Tentative release date: September 2012. 

Tentative was the right word, because the release never happened.

Why? No money to promote it, I was told.

I felt disappointed, betrayed and hopeless: I saw my dream and everything I worked for crashing on the ground. I felt numb and full of questions. What could I do? What about all of the songs written and recorded? All of the time spent working at the studio and rehearsing ?